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Custom Solid Wood Picture Frame Suppliers in China

After more than ten years in operation, we represent a significant custom solid wood picture frame supplier. Both globally and in China. In collaboration with leading designers and creators, we create and customize one-of-a-kind works of art for exemplary facility and interior design. Interior design firms, buildings like hotels, restaurants, offices, shopping centers, galleries, resellers, and distributors, are among our typical clients.

The consistently updated custom solid wood picture frame art catalog features mainstream artworks like classic and contemporary hand-painted art and framed crafts. However, it also represents the newest trends. Worldwide, families, hotels, galleries, and shopping centers display our artwork. Therefore, our frames are handcrafted by talented craftspeople who are enthusiastic about what they do.

Custom Solid Wood Picture Frame For Sale

To assist you in creating a frame that exactly complements your artwork or photograph, we provide a variety of customizing possibilities. To ensure the durability and beauty of your frame, we only utilize the best solid wood products. Therefore, our custom solid wood picture frame can safeguard and keep your memories safe for a long time.

At our company, we put your happiness first. Therefore, we as handcrafted wooden frames manufacturer, are committed to offering outstanding service from beginning to end. Ready to display your photos or artwork in a gorgeous bespoke solid wood frame? Thus, talk to us about your project right away, or browse our online catalog to see the frames we provide and the customizing possibilities. We look forward to assisting you in artfully framing your memories.


What types of wood are available for custom frames?
Various hardwoods like oak, maple, walnut, and cherry are common choices for custom solid wood picture frames.
How do I order a custom frame?
You can order a custom frame by providing the desired dimensions, wood type, and finish through our website or by contacting our customer service.
Can I choose the frame’s stain or paint color?
Yes, you can typically select the stain or paint color to match your decor or the artwork you’re framing.
Do you offer custom matting and glass options with the frame?
Some providers may offer custom matting and glass options to protect and enhance your artwork or photos.
Can I order a frame for irregularly shaped artwork or photos?
Custom frames can often be tailored to fit irregularly shaped artwork or photos by providing the necessary measurements.